Friday, January 14, 2011


The look

The goods

You can either buy a rectangular-shaped or a square-shaped fabric to get these looks. The most convenient way is to buy a scarf. Alternatively, you can buy a piece of fabric. I would recommend the fabric to be at least 1 m by 1 m. This size should enable to do most of the above looks.
You can buy quality designer fabric from They have shops in Sydney: CBD, Chatswood and Surry Hills. It also has a shop in Melbourne.

fabric from
For cheaper fabric, head to the Fabric Store.

You can also buy fabric from either Spotlight or Lindcraft.

The tutorial

a simple turban headband

making a full turban - using a long scarf

making a full turban - using a square scarf

making a full turban with 2 scarves

I like this video the most

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