Sunday, January 30, 2011

Prada Pre Fall 2009 Summer Dress

First of all, sorry for missing in action for a while. I have been ill and spent some time recovering. 
Prada Pre Fall 2009
A few days ago I received an email notifying me that Spotlight, which is a craft store in Australia, is having a sale. it discounted all sewing patterns by at least 50% and already in clearance fabric by a further 30% off. I thought it was a good deal so I went there. I found this amazing camouflage pattern fabric. It instantly reminded me of Prada Pre Fall 2009. It was $16.00, but after the discount it became $3.5/ m. Unbelievable right!!!! So I purchased 2 meters of that. 

I did not want to follow Prada and make a winter outfit out of this. It is summer in Australia now and it is so hot. That made me decide to make a simple dress that is perfect for summer. So I look and look and look and look.............. look until I finally found this pattern. When I first laid my eyes upon this pattern, I thought "perfect, this dress is so timeless and elegant and more importantly easy to make". I bought it immediately. 

Got home and felt so dizzy. I only managed to cut out the pattern pieces on day 1. 

On the second day, I laid all the pattern pieces on the fabric and start cutting. I sewed the pieces together and found out that this dress requires some lining. Not as easy as I thought. When you are required to make a dress with lining, that basically means you have to make 2 dresses and sew them together back to back. That day I went back to Spotlight to buy some lining fabric and a zipper. 

morning... only finished the front side
end of day 2,... still have to do the hem line and the neckline
I only managed to finish the dress on the third day, but I am pleased with the result. 

Done!!!! in sunlight

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