Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ready for winter!

Hi folks, apology for not writing as regularly. As you probably know already, I just started a new job and I have been spending time adjusting. Hence, no time to write.... but hopefully it gets better.

 It is winter here in Sydney and it must have been the coldest winter ever. the temperature constantly drops below 10 and the amount of rain that we get is just unbelievable. I got sick twice over the period of 2 months which was crap. I am sick of being sick. I figure that the best solution to this must be to equip myself with better winter gear. So to start, I purchased this pair of boots from Tod's yesterday.

I particularly like the wing tip detailing at the front of these shoes. Before I purchased this pair, I tried on a pair of Loake boots which was supposed to be better -the price says it all. That pair was quite simple i.e. without wing tip detailing. But oh boy, it was such a hard work to get my foot into the boot and it was quite painful to wear. I don't know if it was just my foot or it was the shoe. Regardless, I feel that the pair from Tod's is more me.

If you guys were looking for something similar, I would recommend these:
Margeila boots from SSense was $1,000 now $700 USD - I really want this one!!!! Very unique... have you ever seen a pair of shoes with the leather bit covering bottom of the shoes?
Neil Barrett from Forward by Revolve Clothing was $730 now $351
Ksubi from farfetch was 174 eu now 87 eu

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Recent Acquisitions - Calvin Klein, Cambridge Satchel, Simon Carter, Vivienne Westwood, and Arthur Galan

1.Reflective Jacket - from Calvin Klein

This jacket reminds me of Armani Prive Spring 2011 Couture collection. In reality, the jacket does not look as shinny as it is in the pictures.  The extreme shine here come from the flash on my camera. 

2. Cambridge backpack - from ASOS

3. Spider cuff links -from Simon Carter London - ASOS

4. Tiger tie from Vivienne Westwood - ASOS

4. Cardigan - from Arthur Galan

. Doesn't this remind you of that Prada collection?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cue X Dion Lee

This collection is planned to come out in March, April and May 2011. I am so glad that the price range for this collection is quite affordable (from $99 for a shirt to $550 for a trench coat) yet Dion Lee still maintains his aesthetic. I am excited. Are you?

Friday, February 18, 2011

A recent project....

I started making this dress a few days ago. I used the same pattern that I used to make the camouflage dress with a little alteration. Initially I hated it because of the error I made when I joined the yellow and black fabrics together. As you can see below, the two fabrics did not join neatly at the pointy end.

Fortunately a friend came and saved this dress from being scrapped. I learned that when wanting to join two fabrics together and there is a sharp angle like in this dress, it is better to try to start from that pointy end than to sew toward the middle. I love the finished product. Now I need to figure out who am I going to give this dress to.

This is the only brooch I have... but I was to wear this I would buy a bow tie shaped  brooch preferably in blue 

my friend volunteered to model my dress. thanks

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Givenchy Spring Couture 2011

I absolutely love the latest offering from Givenchy couture. The collection is inspired by the Japanese butoh dancers. It definitely has transformed what ordinarily scary and unusual to something beautiful. I salute Riccardo Tisci for this. 

As worn by Carine Roitfeld

worn by Florence Welch