Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Judith Leiber: Spring 2011 bags

The beauty of Judith Leiber clutches first caught my attention many years ago when I was watching Sex and the City. In episode 10 of season 2, Mr. Big decided to give Carrie a swan-shaped clutch which Carrie really loved until Big told her that she could return it if she did not like it. I thought was so stunning. Later on that episode, Carrie and Big went to a party on a fifth avenue apartment where all the ladies were carrying Leiber clutches. Here are the photos from that episode.

Many years after that episode, Sex and the City: the Movie decided to remind us of the beautify of Leiber clutches. In that movie, Charlotte's daughter decided to hide Carrie's mobile phone in her Leiber clutch. That bag instantly became a hit.

In Spring 2011, Judith Leiber decided to go more oriental. The collection features many oriental animals like panda, tiger, and pig and objects like fan and pagoda.

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