Friday, February 18, 2011

A recent project....

I started making this dress a few days ago. I used the same pattern that I used to make the camouflage dress with a little alteration. Initially I hated it because of the error I made when I joined the yellow and black fabrics together. As you can see below, the two fabrics did not join neatly at the pointy end.

Fortunately a friend came and saved this dress from being scrapped. I learned that when wanting to join two fabrics together and there is a sharp angle like in this dress, it is better to try to start from that pointy end than to sew toward the middle. I love the finished product. Now I need to figure out who am I going to give this dress to.

This is the only brooch I have... but I was to wear this I would buy a bow tie shaped  brooch preferably in blue 

my friend volunteered to model my dress. thanks

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Anonymous said...

to whom should you give your dress to? me!! :)